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FlipHTML5 - Flipbook Creator is a full featured tool allowing you to create books, catalogues, and online publications. With it, outreaching to your online audience is made really easy because you'll be able to use any theme and share it to the world within FlipHTML5 - Flipbook Creator's own online user community.

This tool has a number of different templates you'll get to use to start designing your publication from scratch or just add as many pages as you want. You'll also get to use all the different tools to add new visual elements to your project like text blocks, photos, graphics, and other components that enrich your work without any limitations. You'll also get to add interactive features for each element that will really engage your readers and make your publication much richer and more attractive.

All the information that you store and manage with this program is saved on the cloud. That way, you'll never lose your progress and you'll be able to follow your project from anywhere. FlipHTML5 - Flipbook Creator also allows you to add comments, corrections or signatures, for example. And, it includes a command line mode where you'll be able to automatically publish your creation from a dynamic code like VB, C#, Java, PHP / ASP. This whole file can also be loaded onto any server, including Linux.

Last, but not least, once you've finished your project, you'll be able to start your own marketing campaign that lets you take things to the next level. This program has a handy tool called Email Marketing that lets you add contacts and addresses straight to your list so emailing your catalogue is super simple. Customize the emails you send and follow up later to see when they've been sent and if they were read.
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